Small Wonders Testimonials

Capri V.

Small Wonders is an amazing Preschool and Daycare. My daughter has grown so much and learned so many new things in the few short months that she has been attending. She loves the staff and the kids. All of the teachers are incredibly friendly and flexible. My princess loves getting up and going to her ‘Big Girl School.’ Her teacher is fantastic; she is so patient and loving towards all of the kids. My daughter tells me daily that her teacher is her best friend. I want to thank them so much for doing what they do, because they are amazing!

Jaime S.

Our children have been going to Small Wonders for over a year and a half. We could not be more pleased with the care they receive. The ownership and employees have a genuine interest in each and every child that attends. They provide a positive environment for the kids to learn and play. There are so many perks -- just too many to list in this testimonial. We love that you can sign your child up for different dance classes/exercise programs and field trips throughout the year. It is so hard to sign up for those kind of activities with everything else going on during the weekends or evenings after work. They help potty train, open a Santa workshop at Christmas time so the kids are able to do their own shopping, host events in which the whole family can attend, offer professional portraits a couple times a year, the list goes on. Small Wonders thinks of everything. We searched all over before finding Small Wonders and we will tell you that you get what you pay for....Small Wonders is WORTH EVERY PENNY. I do not have to worry because I know that my kids are in good hands.

Michelle S.

I am very thankful for my son's preschool experience at Small Wonders.  He grew a lot during his year at Small Wonders and has adjusted well socially in Kindergarten.  Last night I attended his parent teacher conference.  He had a great report - yay!  His teacher said – ‘Every time I introduce a new site word, he will say I learned that word in preschool.  I know he went to Small Wonders.  Most preschools don't teach that many site words.’  Thank you for all of your hard work and helping him to feel ready for Kindergarten.

Devon K.

We couldn't be more impressed with the care we receive at Small Wonders. Everyone knows my son by name regardless if he is in their classroom. The staff has been extremely accommodating and is always available to answer any questions.  My son has grown so much developmentally since he began attending the center. Thanks to a great curriculum even at a young age, I feel he is enriched and stimulated.  We couldn't be happier with our choice to enroll at Small Wonders.

Kristie H.

Our daughter was at Small Wonders until age 18 months when we moved and unfortunately had to take her out; since moving we have had her in 2 other centers - neither of which matched up to Small Wonders. Their staff is so warm and compassionate to the children we really felt at home there and knew our kids were getting the best care. Small Wonders is truly an amazing center and I would recommend it to anyone looking for care for their children!